Lucy Jennings

Growing up in Kerrville, Texas in a house full of literature, music and art, in a beautiful location, worked well for a young artist. I started photographing in the ‘70’s and earned an Art degree from Southwest Texas State in San Marcos, Texas. Then off to Austin in 1981 where my camera ended up riding backseat to the carpool and work. After moving back to Kerrville in 2013, I was able to dive into digital photography.

I have always thought of myself as an artist who loves photography. Photographer influences include Strand, Stieglitz and Burkholder. Artistically, to name a few, O’Keeffe, Matisse and Duchamp inspire enthusiasm for color, shape and composition. I’m all over the board.
A photograph can capture layers of expression. Boundaries are an invitation to visualize what lies beyond and behind. So, it’s up to the observer to fill in the blanks, verbalize, digest, and interpret as your mind and heart receive it.

All the technology in the world is no replacement for a gifted eye. Whether it be beauty, decay, bleak discomfort, bright color and light, perplexing or random, my wish is that my work will cause you to think beyond the boundaries.