Marc Rosenthal


Marc Rosenthal is an American artist who has produced works in steel, bronze, ceramic, and mixed media since 1971.  A native Texan, Marc attended the University of St. Thomas graduating with a BFA in 1973. Marc received a lifetime teaching certificate for Art Education from the University of Houston in 1989. Marc was one of the founders of Clay Arts Vegas, a ceramic studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’re ever in The Woodlands, near Conroe, look for Marc’s “Rise of the Midgard Serpent”, a steel sculpture installed in Lake Woodlands. Marc’s ceramic sculpture “Wing” was exhibited in the national juried exhibit The Ceramic Symposium in 2014 at the Museum of Ceramic Art in San Angelo.


I am always looking and dreaming. Much of what I want to express revolves around the cycles of nature and my own personal journeys that share the process of growth, loss, and renewal. I find much inspiration from walks in the desert, the mountains, along Texas rivers, country roads and the world beyond. Likewise, I am astounded and influenced by the very ground beneath my feet. 


I generally produce works in a series and always draw desigs or make maquettes before creating a larger version. My primary medium is clay but I am not averse to working in other materials. All sculpture and pottery in ceramic is hand built, thrown on the wheel, or cast from molds I have fabricated myself. All functional ware is fired to 2200F, with glazes that are food and microwave safe.